The Phoenix Institute Summer Seminars for the Study of Western Institutions at the University of Notre Dame (USA) and in Trumau-Vienna (Austria) are designed to foster a better understanding of the Western intellectual tradition.


These summer programs bring together students and professors from all over the world to explore the enduring ideas of Western Civilization through the disciplines such as political philosophy, ethics, philosophical anthropology, literature and law.

Students that attend three Summer Seminars (consecutive or not) complete the Phoenix Institute Program in Advanced Social, Economic and Political Studies.


The Phoenix Institute understands itself as a meeting point for people who believe that the truth, beauty, and goodness that lies at the heart of the Western tradition can provide a useful foundation for the development of their communities.

The Institute’s Summer Seminars for the Study of Western Institutions have been carefully designed as the ideal setting for the study of such tradition.

The seminars are opened to all the candidates that have completed at least one year of undergraduate studies.

High academic qualifications, seriousness of purpose, willingness to actively participate in an international environment, a firm sense of personal responsibility towards the good of others, and a sincere interest in the Study of the Western culture and on the fulfillment of the Institute’s Mission, are the basic qualities that the Institute will be looking for among its prospective students.

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