The Phoenix Institute annually provides a limited amount of scholarships to carefully selected students.

Scholarships are only available for Summer Seminars.

The following requirements need to be met to be eligible to apply for a scholarship:

  • The applicant has been accepted to the Summer Program by the corresponding Assessment Committee;
  • The applicant is either an enrolled full-time graduate or undergraduate student, or a person regularly working with students;
  • The applicant has submitted a detailed explanation of his/her financial need (preferably providing sufficient written proof of the inability to pay the full tuition fee);
  • The applicant is able to pay part of the tuition fee with personal funds (full scholarships are not granted);
  • The applicant must submit a detailed personal report before the end of the Summer Seminar attended with the scholarship.

Students applying for a scholarship must understand that the Phoenix Institute is fully dependent on its benefactors and therefore cannot guarantee that a scholarship will be granted.

Though they will not be taken into consideration until a student has been accepted to a summer program, scholarship applications can be sent along with the student’s Application form and Curriculum Vitae.

If interested in requesting a scholarship for the Notre Dame or Trumau-Vienna program, please apply by May 21, 2019, at the latest, preferably earlier.

Applicants must furthermore be aware that news about the grant of a scholarship might be received as late as a few weeks prior to the start of the Summer Seminar.

Please send the corresponding documents to

Apply to our Summer Programs.