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The Phoenix Institute is an international educational organization dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of the Western tradition among people who are seriously interested in the question "What is it to be human?"

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What We Do

Notre Dame Seminar

The history of the Phoenix Institute Notre Dame summer program dates back to 1991.
Twenty five years later, the Phoenix Institute has become a regular feature of the Notre Dame summer activities, offering a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the richness of a multicultural and multidisciplinary program focused on the roots and current situation of the Western institutions.

For anyone looking forward to a truly collegiate experience and where the spirit of the Fighting Irish is never far, join the generations of students whose past is cemented in its paths.

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Vienna Seminar

Picture yourself at the heart of Europe. Corn and sunflower fields, and centuries of history as far as the eye can see.
Gathered in a medieval palace where echoes of the past can still be heard, we share with one another.
The Trumau-Vienna summer seminar brings to light the artist, the philosopher and the debater in each of us. It is an opportunity to ask those unanswered questions that still haunt humanity and glimpse the vastness of an answer. The multiculturality of the students, professors and staff will encourage your search and support or question your discoveries. Friendship that are forged may become your source of courage and inspiration. This three-week experience is just the beginning, for only you can decide where it leads you to.

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